The most valuable habit
to develop is
the commitment you
need to make on your

In order to reach your goals, it’s important to develop the habit of learning from your experiences while putting action into practice, and to make a commitment to improving all aspects of your life.
At Netman, we provide the technology and systems necessary for you to make this an ongoing process. Our service will help you break through any barrier that you are facing.


By adding “F” to the PDCA cycle,
the cycle will be complete.

The worst enemy in reaching your goals is going at it alone. It’s very difficult to change your behavior all by yourself, without others taking an interest in your efforts. When we add the feedback that is a product of team relationships (F), we are able to make the PDCA cycle keep going around.

The Five Technologies in the PDFCA Cycle

P Goal-Setting

Clarify the deadline and criteria for reaching the goal; set specific, focused goals

D Behaviors and Habits

Eliminate the non-continuous elements, and plan the behaviors and habits that need to be repeated

C Reflection

Think back deeply on your behavior in an objective way, by doing a self-analysis of your own experiences and putting them into writing

F Absorption

Share mutual feedback within the team, and use the opinions and perspectives of others in your next actions to take

A Behavior Improvement

Based on what you’ve noticed yourself or learned from others, change your behavioral plan to one that you can commit to


Our simple infotech-powered systems
that support the PDCFA cycle inspire you
to put them to use.

To prevent you from forgetting what you need to do, our systems

- Send you an action plan via automated emails once a week.

- Send you reminder emails, letting you know what needs to get done.

To help you see specific results, our systems

- Quantify how much of a habit your behaviors have become, by logging how you’ve put them into practice.- Give you the feeling at a glance of having grown.

To help to stay motivated, our systems

- Use cross-functional teams within your organization for learning via mutual feedback.

- Allow you to put the principle of competitiveness into practice between teams.

The mechanisms for sustaining behavioral
change are shown on every screen.

You can use your PC, smartphone or tablet as a system to help you put the PDCFA cycle into practice.
This is a support system that assists you in putting behaviors into continual practice, as well as in making the behaviors that change your habits become second-nature.

Our infotech-powered systems have been patented in the U.S., as “behavior transformational systems for achieving goals”.

Applied December 2, 2015 by applicant/inventor Kenichi Nagaya

PCT filed (International Patent Application)
Dec. 2, 2005

Date of Patent: Sep. 25, 2012
Patent No.: US 8.275.651 B2

“System for self-checking of goal achievement,
on the part of the members within an organization”

Acquired August 24, 2007
Patented Product No. 4001300

Maximize your training results.

Netman’s methods and systems have been introduced to deal with all kinds of training topics. What’s more, all of our methods and systems can be modified for sustaining behavioral change in order to achieve goals. Training participants want to use the system more and more due to its approachability, and the system can be used to automatically measure transformations in behavior. The administrative features can be used to visualize how the behaviors are being put into practice in real time, which makes follow-up quick and easy.

Implementation process
What Our Customers Are Saying

Thanks to the alarm function, I can check on what I’m supposed to do, which gives me an awareness without losing sight of my goals.

Male, age 33,
Marketer at Ad Agency

Letting others know about my actions forced me to take action and do it, putting my “money where my mouth” was.

Male, age 42,
Project Manager at Software Development Company

By looking back on the progress towards my goals in short intervals (once per week), I was able to put them into action in a more specific way.

Female, age 40,
Director at Commercial Bank

Reflecting on my actions in writing helped me move from a negative to a more positive frame of mind, enabling me to take action with a bright and positive outlook.

Male, age 25,
Trading Specialist

When I looked back on the activities I took for the goals that I started out with, I was glad to see that there were things that could be fixed.

Male, age 28,

During the times when I felt disappointed in myself, I had the encouragement and advice of my team to give me strength to see it through.

Female, age 23,
Purchaser at Manufacturer

Looking at what and how the other members were doing gave me the confidence and the knowledge to apply in my own work.

Male, age 36,
Sales Manager

Sharing the status, actions and concerns between other branches made it easier to work as a unified whole.

Male, age 45,
Sales Director

PDCFA enables me to make the actions to achieve goals into habits.

Male, age 26,
sMedical Representative

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