Netman Co., Ltd.
CEO and Founder, Inventor

Kenichi Nagaya


After graduating from university and working for an electrical equipment manufacturer and an infotech services company, Kenichi Nagaya formed Netman Co., Ltd. on April 1999. Since its founding, Netman has been a pioneer in providing training and educational services for companies and schools, using ICT-driven education delivered via mobile devices. Netman has devised and developed the information technology necessary for human resource development, and has acquired patents in both the U.S. and in Japan. Based on behavioral science and cognitive psychology, the company has analyzed practical behavioral data from over 10,000 people and developed the "PDCFA cycle” (a method for training behavior towards the achievement of goals); "Action T.C.” (an infotech system that supports behavioral training); and "C-Learning” (a learning support and cooperative learning system). These methods and systems are being used in the human resource development programs for small- to midsized and large domestic Japanese and foreign-affiliated firms and organizations, as well as in the educational programs of universities and primary–secondary educational facilities. Netman also provides opportunities for learning regardless of age, nationality, and profession, such as the “Japanese Society for Learning Analytics”, the “Chiegumi Festa” (Knowledge Team Festival), “Izu: The School of Outer Space” and so on, as part of our social contribution activities.


“Techniques for Absolute Achievement” (Zettai ni Tassei Suru Gijutsu), Kadokawa; "Foolproof Techniques to Make Behaviors Stick, for Human Resource Development Personnel” (Jinzai-ikusei-tantosha no Tame no Zettai ni Kodo Teichaku Saseru Gijutsu), Profuture; “Achievement Notebook” (Dekita koto no-to), Cross-Media Publishing


After graduating from university, Reiko Yoshida spent eight years involved in infotech and personnel consulting at American consulting firms. She later served as an HR business partner and manager at AIG, MetLife and Lifenet Insurance Company. Yoshida attended MIT Sloan School of Management beginning in 2014, and went on to become involved in infotech consulting after graduating. She joined Netman Co., Ltd. in May of 2015 and formed Netman Global Inc. in July of the same year, and now serves as the person in charge of business expansion in North America. She earned an MBA from MIT Sloan School of Management and received a bachelor's degree in international legal studies from Sophia University.

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Netman Co., Ltd.

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Netman Co., Ltd.

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