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Our systems change the way that courses are taught, and how the process of instruction works. We bring about change in corporate training as well.
By using our infotech-powered systems, you’ll be able to design a learning environment that fosters even deeper learning.

How C-Learning Will Change
Learning Design

Students get highly motivated in class
The students’ cell phones and smartphones can be used as tools to facilitate learning. For instance, a survey can be taken to collect and share opinions with the entire class during a lesson, and the results can then be easily applied to deepen learning in a cooperative learning environment, as the participants reflect on what they find.
Mutual learning goes on,
even outside of the classroom
Tools such as surveys, using free time for exercise drills, collaborating on group activities using a whiteboard and so on can be used to inspire student activities, and to track their activities. These tools make it easy for instructors to add their own comments or notifications, which can be directly linked with email.
Improved productivity in managing a course
C-learning system eliminates the painstaking trouble associated with course administration, including distributing attendance sheet, adding up marked test papers, reminding students to hand in their reports, passing out materials and so on. The learning analysis sheet that is automatically calculated for each student serves as evidence of their learning history.

C-Learning Series

C-learning systems are customized for each educational situation,
including classes taught in universities, vocational schools, high schools,
junior high and elementary school, as well as course management and training for companies.

For Schools

Learning Management System (LMS)

Netman offers the learning management system (LMS)
you need for your place of education.


Create a questionnaire with a single click of the mouse. Answer sheets are automatically totaled up, and the results can be shared on the spot. Questions can be made either anonymous or include a signature, which makes it easier for students to answer. Comments from the instructor can also be added.


File-based materials and documentation can be managed by instantly publishing or unpublishing them. These materials can be accessed via URL or through Dropbox as well. The list of users who accessed the files and the materials they viewed can be checked, which can then be used to provide further learning guidance.


Quizzes can be easily managed, including the passing score level and the time limit when taking the quiz. Images and video content can also be used. These quizzes are useful as tests to confirm comprehension, as well as to aid in reviewing materials by adding more detail to the explanations.


Report assignments can be given with a set deadline for completion. Instructors can not only manage the students’ grades, but also send back corrected papers as well. Reports can be managed for many students, using features such as reminders for students who have not submitted their work, or batch renaming of files.


Files and videos can be shared in threaded format. This feature allows for the results from research-based learning to be shared with the entire class, or for different message boards to be created for each team, to support their extracurricular group activities.

Our LMS also offers the other useful features such as news, group evaluations,
drills, consultation rooms, syllabus management and so on.

Administration Support System

Our administration support system allows for processes that were previously done on paper, such as course evaluations and attendance management,
to now be handled entirely via smartphone.

Course evaluation system

This system allows for the results from course evaluation questionnaires to be instantly totaled up. A follow-up function is also provided to remind those who did not reply, which allows for a better response rate. Interactions with the instructors are all done via the system.

Attendance management system

This system makes it possible for secretariat members to manage student attendance, which reduces office costs. This is also useful in following up with students, helping to prevent students from dropping out.

For Corporations

Confirmation test feedback system

This system automatically outputs the confirmation test history as a learning analysis sheet. The system can be used in conjunction with the LMS to manage questionnaires and reports.

analysis sheet

The learning analysis sheet shows who attended the training and what the training was, as well as a summary of confirmation test results of the comprehension check. The learning history for each person can be outputted automatically in this sheet format. Also, the sheet features radar charts for comparing the student’s performance with the rest of the class, to confirm their strong and weak points. Both the instructor and student’s comments are stored as PDFs, which can be used as feedback sheets to give to supervisors.

Quizzes can also be easily managed, and classes can be managed as well

Both right and wrong answers can be managed, as well as whether the student submitted their answers or not. Instructors can also view the distribution of grades and compare the situations in different classes.

Features that can be used in conjunction with the LMS

The confirmation test feedback system can be used together with the questionnaire and report features, as well as the whiteboard features of the course support system (the LMS). This makes it possible to collect opinions, give assignments on files submitted, or initiate a group discussion.

Video learning system

This system offers a new foundation for internal learning within a company, and provides easy video upload and sharing functionality.

The video learning system can be used in many ways

Aside from sharing e-learning video content for business fundamental courses, the system can be used to internally share simple video content, such as product releases and messages from the CEO or President.

user interface

This system makes it easy for anyone to upload and perform other operations, without needing special skills or reading long explanations.

Features that can be used in conjunction with the LMS

The video learning system can be used in conjunction with the quiz and message board features of the course support system (the LMS), making it easy to check and share learning results.

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