With infotech-powered communications,
Netman helps your learning
environment to become a place
that overflows with creativity.

Expand your thinking and draw out your internal self by connecting with others.
Netman creates an environment for learning that makes it possible for people
to work together to bring out the best in each other.

Is your PDCA cycle working?

Perhaps you’re not reaching your goals, and your actions have
stopped in midstream. PDCA isn't working.
However, we’ve added an "F (Feedback)" step,
to make the cycle keep going around.
Since 2006, we've introduced the PDCFA cycle to a total of 121 companies and
11,928 people (as of October 2016).

PCT filed (International Patent Application) Dec. 2, 2005

Date of Patent: Sep. 25, 2012
Patent No.: US 8.275.651 B2

Acquired August 24, 2007
Patented Product No. 4001300


Is your course
motivating people to learn?

Make your learning environment more appealing and effective,
with "C-Learning".
Your lessons will be more productive,
and students will feel a greater sense of motivation.
As of October 2016, C-Learning has been used in 44 schools and by 155,312
people since 2001.



Unleash your true self.
Create an environment
where people work together to bring
out the best in each other.



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